Re: Upgrading to Win98 from 3.1 without killing Linux

Dan Yocum (
Mon, 06 Dec 1999 11:30:00 -0600

The MBR will get nuked, but Win98 will leave your Linux partition alone. Use
your Tom's boot floppy from the class to boot the machine, mount your Linux
partition and rerun 'lilo -r /<linux-partition>' to reload the MBR. If you
need a Tom's come by my office.


> Hi,
> I will need to upgrade my MS side of a dual boot machine from 3.1 to
> 98 soon so my daughter can use her new Barbie software. I suspect there
> is little hope that lilo won't be nuked in the process, but is there any
> way to keep from losing all of my linux partitions? I will soon after
> upgrade my linux side too, but I have one partition that has a lot of
> downloaded products which I would like to avoid having to re-install. I
> have been warned that the install might want to reformat the disk
> because win98 is not DOS based, but if so is there some way to restrict
> that to just the one partition. Unfortunately I only have on disk or
> this might be as simple as unplugging the Linux disk until the upgrade
> was over. Is there any hope?
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