Re: laptops

Dan Yocum (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 13:42:44 -0600

The two main problems with laptops are the video chips and the modem/ethernet
pcmcia cards.

The video problem is slowly going away with more support for more chips, but
you still need to be careful: I don't think the neomagic 256 chipset is
supported yet.

Here's a short list of supported modem/ethernet combo cards supported under
pcmcia version 3.0.9 (from the the pcmcia supported list):

Multifunction ethernet/modem cards:

[3c589_cs driver]
3Com 3c562, 3c562B/C/D, 3c563B/C/D
3Com 3CCEM556, 3CXEM556
Motorola Marquis

[3c574_cs driver: driver is buggy]
3Com 3CCFEM556B

This version is NOT included in FRHL 5.0.2, but should be "close" in FRHL

I've seen good success with the 3Com 3CCEM556 card.


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